Cloudcroft Elementary & Middle School

I am so excited about the opportunity to be at the Elementary/Middle School. Each day I am amazed by both the students, parents and staff. They are all hard working and care so deeply about one another. Success is imminent as each person takes his or her role seriously about the task at hand to gain as much knowledge as possible.

We have had some changes in staffing. Mrs. Yvonne Barnes has moved from the pre-K program to the fifth grade. I personally was honored to be able to watch their speeches about their Indian culture dioramas. The students showed their ability to research and their creative skills in these projects.

Mrs. Lesley Brenner is now the Math Specialist for the Title I Program, working with students from K-8. She is working in the individual classrooms, pre-Algebra, and Math Intervention. Mrs. Brenner has worked very hard at utilizing our computer technology to get students into an individualized program to help fill in the gaps of their math knowledge.

Mrs. Kara Cochran is our Title I Math Aide and all around go-to-lady! She is helping in the classrooms with small groups with math. Mrs. Cochran can also be spotted running with the students as part of Athletics.

Mrs. Barbara Thoksakis is our new Resource Room and Gifted Teacher at the middle school. This is her first year teaching and she is doing an incredible job of keeping all her students motivated. I am excited to see what they will be doing next.

We had Open House on August 16. It was standing room only! Parents filled the bleachers and lined the court. With parents involved in this manner – there is nothing that these students can’t accomplish.

Our theme this year is “Do You Believe? We do!” The inspiration for our theme came from a YouTube video of the speech Dalton Sherman, a ten year old fifth grader, gave to the entire staff of Dallas Independent School District. I think it is a wonderful example for teachers and parents of why we are here and what we want to accomplish at school.

~Robyn Cook, Principal~