About Our Schools

Welcome to the Cloudcroft Municipal Schools website. We are located in the village of Cloudcroft approximately 16 miles east of Alamogordo, New Mexico and are proud to be the kindergarten through 12th grade education center for a large portion of the Southern Sacramento Mountains. Our schools serve Cloudcroft and the outlying communities of Mayhill, Weed, Pinon, Sacramento and Timberon. An area of roughly 850 square miles.

We are honored to live in a region of great beauty within the boundaries of the Lincoln National Forest.

We are also proud of the dedication our student-focused staff members display each day as they educate our students. Our teachers encourage opportunities for growth and believe in teaching from a holistic approach to ensure that our students’ minds, bodies, and spirits are equally nurtured. While we embrace our rural small town lifestyle, we also prepare our students to be well-equipped to thrive in the 21st century.

We invite you to come and explore our schools, our community, and our people. In this website, you can read up on the latest school news, find administration information, and much more. And if you have any questions, we welcome you to stop by or give us a call.