School Bus Rules

School Bus and Bus Stop Rules

Make sure your child is on time to the bus stop. ( Have them out at the stop five minutes prior to their scheduled pick up time)

Never run while trying to board the bus or when leaving the school bus.

Do not push or shove other students when boarding the school bus. (Always use the handrail when boarding a bus) .

While on the bus always remain seated in your assigned seats.

Never place your arms and limbs out of the window.

Do not yell while on the bus (yelling could distract the driver and cause an accident) No eating or drinking permitted.

No profanity (this includes abusive language, obscene or profane gestures to students and driver)

Keep backpacks and musical instruments out of the isle on the bus.

Keep your hands, feet and legs to yourself.

Absolutely no fighting on the bus at the bus stop.

No smoking, drugs and or alcohol on the bus of any kind.

While at the bus stop please wait 10-feet away from the curb or roadway.

Always cross at least 10 feet in front of the school bus. ( wait for the driver to signal you before crossing the road)

Always listen to the bus driver and follow his/her instructions.

Do not throw trash or items of any type out the bus.

Never crawl under a school bus.

If you drop something when getting on or off the bus DON’T PICK IT UP. Tell the bus driver.

School buses shall be loaded or unloaded at established school bus stops only, unless an emergency dictates otherwise.

Students shall load or unload only at their regular stop.

If your student needs to get off the bus at a different bus stop or ride a different bus the Transportation department must be notified at least 48 hours prior to the change. All changes must be in writing.

Please keep in mind that all rules on the school bus and at the bus stop are in place to help keep your students safe.

We ask that as parents you ensure that your student/students know the rules on the bus and at the bus stop and follow them at all times.

Riding a school bus is a privilege not a right.

What is a Danger Zone?

A Danger Zone is the area around a school bus- 10 feet in front of the bus, 10 feet behind the bus and 10 feet on both sides of the school bus.

The most dangerous area around the bus is the wheel area and around the front and back of the bus.