College Entrance Exams

College Entrance Exams

Should You Take That Test?

Some colleges and universities use college entrance exams as part of their entrance criteria. However, no college uses entrance exam scores alone to determine who gets in. Many colleges use a range of scores. For instance, a student ranking in the top 10 percent of his or her high school graduating class might need a relatively low score on an entrance exam, or, in some cases, might not need an entrance exam score at all. Then again, a student who does not have a very high rank among his graduating class might still gain admission if he or she scores very well on an entrance exam. Contact the school or schools you are interested in to find out if and how they use college entrance exam scores to help determine admission.


There are two major college entrance exams, the SAT and the ACT. Although the criteria differ, almost all colleges and universities that require applicants to take a test will accept either score. Some schools, however, may require or prefer one to the other, so contact the school you want to attend to find out which exam you should take.

Preparation Begins at Home

Preparation for your college entrance exams essentially begins the moment you or your parents decide that college is non-negotiable. Some educational advisors suggest that parents who set college goals as early as elementary school for their children are better focused on college savings strategies as well as academic support and encouragement.

Get the Details

Please use the following links to find out details and test dates for each test. If you have any questions, please contact your counselor at 601-4416.
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