Student Handbook

Cloudcroft High School

Student Handbook

2011 - 2012


Superintendent Travis Dempsey

Principal Roman Renteria

Guidance Counselor Lisa Morales



Board of Education


President Bill Denney

Vice President Jacqueline Cates

Secretary Doug Porch

Member Arlan Ponder

Member Gerold Green

Vision Statement

The vision of the Cloudcroft Municipal Schools is to create a positive, productive school climate.

Mission Statement

All members of the learning community will develop a spirit of generosity, a sense of belonging, the satisfaction of mastery, and a license for independence in order to prepare students to be good citizens and contributing members of a democratic society.


Bell Schedule

Lunch Time

Attendance (absences, tardies)

Truancy and Leaving School


Activity Trips

Care of School Facilities and Equipment

School Activity Absences

Administering Medicines

Social Functions

School Sponsors

School Songs

Emergency Drills

School Closings


Dress Code

Public Displays of Affection


Alcohol/Drugs/Tobacco Use


Cell Phones & Electronic Devices


Cheating, Plagiarism

Consequences of Behavior

Lost Items


Other Important Information

Guidance Information

Graduation Requirements

Revised 9/6/2011

Students are to come to school prepared to obtain a healthy lunch. Cafeteria lunches for students are $2.00 and are to be pre-paid as money is not handled in the lunch line in order to make the line move as quickly as possible. An ID card system is utilized to keep track of how much money each student has in his/her lunch account. Payments should be made to Mrs. Housler in the library before or after school. A student may accumulate no more than five (5) charges. Cafeteria lunch will be served at the Middle School.


CHS has a closed campus policy during lunch time. Students may bring home lunch, order in (to be delivered to the school) or eat school lunch at the Middle School.

If the library is open, students may utilize this facility during lunch. Remember that no food or drink may be taken into the library.


Attendance is critical to a students’ academic success.


A student shall be allowed a total of ten (10) excused/unexcused absences per semester. Any further absences will require a parent/student/teacher conference with the SAT (Student Assistance Team). The SAT will review each individual case and determine whether credit for the class will be received.


Upon the 3rd, 6th and 9th absence the school will provide written notice to the student’s parent or legal guardian. The 9th absence will require a mandatory conference. At any point throughout this process a proactive conference may be initiated.



Absences for a school activity are not considered “an absence from school.” According to NMAA regulation; a student can only accumulate 15 activity absences per semester. The student will have one day to make up class work. The student is expected to make arrangements with the teacher prior to being gone for the school activity absence concerning any class work.



It is the responsibility of the student contact the teacher in order to get all make-up work. A student has 1 day for every day missed in order to get make-up work turned in for credit. If the absence was excused, the student can earn full credit. Work made-up for an out-of-school suspension (OSS) is eligible for up to 60% credit. Work missed due to an unexcused absence cannot be made up for credit.



Students who are prepared arrive to school and class on time. Students are considered on time for class if they are in their seats with appropriate materials for the class before the tardy bell rings. Discipline measures will be imposed for excessive tardies.


Parents are requested to call the school by 8:30 AM if a student must be absent.

Absences not excused within one (1) day of the student’s return to school will be considered unexcused. Unexcused absences may not be made up for credit.


Students may leave school for appointments if they have written or phoned in permission from their parents/guardians. A sign in/out sheet is located at the secretary’s desk. Students arriving late to school or leaving early must sign this sheet. Seniors on Early Release (leaving school campus) or Late Arrival status must sign in/out in the office each day.


Students will be counted as truant if they leave school without permission from the high school office, or stay out of class without permission. Students are not to miss a class in order to complete work for another class without written permission from the teacher whose class is being missed. Failure to be in class is considered truancy even if the student is on campus. Truancy will result in a “0” for work missed on the day of truancy and will be counted as an unexcused absence.


Cloudcroft High School does not allow students from other schools to attend classes when visiting the Cloudcroft area as this can be disruptive to the learning environment. Visitors having business on the CHS campus must sign in at the office. Visitors who need to be in areas of the school outside the immediate office area must display a visitor’s pass



Field trips will be based on legitimate educational objectives and will ensure that the care, welfare and safety of students are in place. Students are required to travel to and from the activities with the team or club they represent, unless a travel release form has been submitted and approved by the Principal. Good conduct and appropriate dress is expected while on the entire trip and should reflect the values of CHS.


Before any student is taken from the school grounds on a field trip, written permission must be obtained from the parents or legal guardian. Transportation shall be provided only by District vehicles, driven by authorized personnel.




Respect our school facilities by taking care of them. Students are to demonstrate respect for the school facilities and equipment through respectful treatment of all school property. Anyone who intentionally damages, misuses, defaces, or destroys school property will be responsible for the cost of replacing it and will face whatever disciplinary action the principal deems fit to administer.


Textbooks, lockers and other materials on loan to a student need to be treated with care. Lost or damaged textbooks are to be paid for by the student at replacement cost before semester grades/diplomas can be released.


A locker and lock will be assigned to the student. The students are responsible for his/her locker and lock and must pay for any abuse or misuse.


Students (9th, 10th, 11th) who have not paid outstanding fines will not be allowed to register for the following school year. Senior diplomas will not be released until paid in full.


School property assigned to a student and a student’s person or properties, while under the authority of the public schools, are subject to search. Items found are subject to seizure in accordance with New Mexico state law.


A student will demonstrate excellence and eligibility for competitive activities; a student must not fail more than one class and maintain an overall grade point average of 2.0 or better per grading period during the semester.




When it is necessary for a student to take medicine during school hours, there must be a written order from the physician stating the name of the medicine, the dosage, and the time it is to be given.


There must be a written permission from the parent to allow student to administer the medicine. Appropriate forms are available from the school office.


The medicine must come to the school office in the prescription container or, if it is over-the-counter medication, in the original container with all warnings and directions intact.



Students are to demonstrate respect for each other and school policy by observing the same rules that apply during the school day at all school functions. In addition to following school-day policies, students are required to register any out-of-school dates for all school-sponsored dances and parties by 3:00 pm three days prior to the event. Guests must arrive and depart with their CHS sponsor. Signing up a guest does not necessarily mean they will be approved to attend. Students attending parties and dances must remain in the building in which the function is being held. No one leaving a function will be allowed to return. All guests must be in high school (grade 9 – 12) or no older than 20 years of age. (Age exceptions for older guests may be made on an individual basis for Prom with the approval of the principal)



The dedication of Cloudcroft High School teachers is shown by the many hours they spend sponsoring activities.


Annual Mrs. Merriman-Carter

Band/Choir Mrs. Gaskill

Chemical Olympics Mrs. Cook

Chess Club Mrs. Richards

FFA Mr. Booky

National Honor Society

Key Club Mrs. Merrick

Knowledge Bowl Mrs. Davis

Science Olympiad Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Cook

Student Council Mr. Snoddy
Athletics Mr. Renteria


Mentor Group/Class Sponsors:

9th Grade Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Davis

10th Grade Mrs. Richards, Mr. Terry

11th Grade Mrs. Merriman-Carter, Mr. Lane, Mr. Snoddy

12th Grade Mr. Booky, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Morales


Fight on you Bears for Old Cloudcroft High.

Our songs of praise will reach to the sky.

Bear our banners far and wide

Ever to be our pride.

Fearless champions we’ll always be.

Stand on the heights of victory.

Strive for honor evermore.

Long live the Cloudcroft Bears.


Students are to be prepared to exit the building during a fire by observing fire drill procedures. When the fire alarm sounds, students are to leave the building quickly and quietly without running, move away from all buildings, and remain with their class until they are told to return to the building.

Other drills, including lock downs and evacuations will be practiced during the year. Students will receive more information on these drills during the school year.



In case of severe weather or emergency, the official announcement of school closing will be given via the school messenger service as well as the radio stations in Alamogordo and Ruidoso, and the television stations in Roswell and Albuquerque.



Students are to familiarize themselves with school bus policy so they are prepared to ride the bus safely. Riding a school bus is a privilege. The driver of the bus is responsible for student safety therefore he/she is in charge at all times. Students are expected to follow all rules on the bus and behave properly at all times. The privilege of riding the bus can be revoked at anytime if the student chooses not to behave as expected.


The Superintendent shall establish procedures for registration, parking, and use of the motorized vehicles and for searches and seizures of illegal material contained therein.


Students who drive to school will park on school campus in either the east or west parking lot. Please observe and respect the marked handicapped parking and reserved spaces. Owners of vehicles parked inappropriately will be asked to move the vehicle and discipline measures may be assigned if the problem is persistent.


Students should dress in a manner that, in addition to the following guide lines, takes into consideration the educational environment, safety, health, and welfare of self and others. Appropriate dress for school is respectful, in good taste with modesty being the prevailing model. Personal attire should reflect pride and respect in who you are as a student at Cloudcroft High School.

·                     The hair style must not be one that will create a distraction/hazard to the student’s health or safety.

·                     The hemline of dresses, shorts, skirts and pants must reach at least mid thigh or longer.

·                     Sagging of pants is not allowed.

·                     Bare chests and midriffs, halter tops, tank tips, spandex clothing and spaghetti straps are not accepted.

·                     Foot wear must be worn at all times. Closed shoes are to be worn for any type of physical activity, such as physical education, etc.

·                     Jewelry shall not be worn if it presents a safety hazard to self and/or others. Jewelry for pierced areas may be worn only in the ear.

·                     NO hats or caps may be worn in the buildings, except for properly occupational safety headgear required for special classes.

·                     Gang-related personalization is not permitted on hats, on items of clothing, or on one’s person.

·                     Obscene language or symbols, or symbols of drugs, sex, or alcohol on clothing or jewelry are expressly prohibited.

·                     Exceptions for special activities or health considerations may be pre-approved by the administrator.

·                     Students who volunteer for extra-curricular activities, such as athletics, band, chorus, etc., are subject to the standards of dress as defined by the sponsors of such activities.




Students are to demonstrate respect for each other by only showing affection through holding hands during school hours and at school-sponsored activities. As a representative of the Cloudcroft School District and in support of Bear Pride students should maintain a high standard of mutual respect and integrity for one another.



Students are to refrain from displays of unwelcome advances or harassment towards another student (same sex or opposite sex) or faculty member. Unwelcome harassment or advances should be reported to an administrator or school counselor. According to School Board Policy, conduct of a sexual nature may include, but is not limited to, verbal or physical advances, including subtle pressure for sexual activity; touching, pinching, patting, or brushing against another person; comments regarding physical or personality characteristics of a sexual nature; sexually-oriented “kidding” or “teasing”; and double entendres or jokes.



It is the policy of the Board of Education to prohibit violence, threats, name-calling, bullying, intimidation, assault, battery, extortion, robbery, vandalism, and other victim-based misconduct that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. It is the express policy of the Board to encourage students who are victims of such physical or verbal misconduct to report such claims to an administrator or school counselor.


Any student found to have engaged in misconduct involving violence, threats, name-calling, bullying, intimidation, assault, battery, extortion, robbery, vandalism, etc. shall be subject to sanctions including, but not limited to, suspension or expulsion.



Students are to demonstrate respect for themselves and others by refraining from any intimidating or threatening verbal or physical exchanges, including the encouraging of others to fight. Students engaged in such behavior toward another student during school, immediately before or after school, on school property, or at a school-sponsored activity will be subjected to strong disciplinary action including a five (5) day suspension for the first offense. Subsequent offenses will result in longer suspensions and possible expulsion. Proper authorities will be utilized if needed.


It should also be understood that student conversations and/or comments regarding potentially dangerous subjects will be taken seriously and can result in disciplinary action.



Students found to be under the influence or in possession of alcohol or other prohibited drugs, either in school or at a school-sponsored event, will receive an automatic suspension from school for a period of up to nine (9) school days.


Should there be a subsequent offense concerning possession of a controlled substance or alcohol the school administration will consider expulsion.




CHS is a tobacco free campus. Students found to be in possession of tobacco products will receive the appropriate consequences.

1st offense – 2 day ISS

2nd offense – 3 days ISS

3rd offense – OSS




Students are to demonstrate respect for school policy and the law by not being in possession of weapons, simulated weapons (look-alikes), firearms, destructive devices, or dangerous instruments immediately before, during, or after the regular school day or at any school-sponsored activities. (This policy is applicable to parking areas utilized by the school as well as any premises utilized for a school sponsored activity or event.) A weapon means any of the following: firearm, knife, destructive device, or dangerous instrument


A simulated weapon means any instrument displayed or represented as a weapon. A firearm means any of the following:

·                     Any loaded or unloaded gun that will, that is designed to, or that may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive.

·                     The frame or receiver of any such firearm.

·                     Any firearm muffler or silencer.

·                     Any explosive, incendiary, poison gas, bomb, grenade, rocket having a propellant charge of more than four (4) ounces, missile having an explosive charge of more that one-fourth (1/4) ounce, mine, or similar device.

·                     Any combination of parts that could be readily assembled to form a firearm.

A destructive device means anything other that a firearm that will, or is

designed to, or may be readily converted to expel a projectile by any means

of propulsion, such as a BB/pellet gun, slingshot, bow, or crossbow. A

dangerous instrument is anything other than a firearm, knife, or destructive

device that is carried or possessed by a student for the purpose of being

being available for use to cause death or inflict physical injury.


A student who violates this police by carrying or possessing a firearm shall be suspended for a period of

not less than one year (minimum sentence) or possibly expelled from school. (In compliance with the Federal Gun Free School Act). Violations of this policy by any means other than carrying or possessing of a firearm shall be subject to discipline ranging from nine (9) school days suspension to the possibility of expulsion. These violations will be handled on a case by case basis by the school administrator.

All prohibited items will be confiscated by school officials.



Due to increasing classroom disruptions, invasion of privacy issues, and improper text messaging issues, cell phones are not to be used in the building during instructional hours (scheduled class time). Only during passing periods and lunch time are cell phones to be used.


If a student is found using a cell phone or other electronic device in class, it will be confiscated and brought to the office.

1st Offense - Students may pick up the item at the end of the day (2:52pm).

2nd Offense - If the student has an item taken a second time, the student’s

Parent/guardian must come to the school to pick up the item.
The item will be confiscated and an Administrative conference will be scheduled. Discipline consequences per
Principal’s decision.

3rdOffense - Constitutes insubordination/failure to comply. The item will be confiscated and an Administrative conference will be scheduled. Cell phone privileges may be revoked as well as disciplinary action taken.

The phones in the office are available for students to use should they need to contact a parent. Parents needing to reach students should call the office 601-4416 ext. 102. We will get the student from the classroom or see that messages are delivered.




To demonstrate integrity an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Contract must be signed by each student and parent/guardian in order to have computer privileges. Misuse of the Internet in any way will result in the cancellation of privileges on ALL computers.




Students will demonstrate integrity through honest completion of assignments and test. Cheating/plagiarism is unacceptable; it is a poor substitute for learning. A student found to have cheated on an assignment or submitting plagiarized material will receive a “0” for that assignment.


Students who are members of organizations honoring quality, leadership, and character who are found guilty of cheating/plagiarism may be asked to resign.


Being respectful of others involves the purposeful act of showing respect. It also involves the responsibility of accepting consequences when one chooses to behave in a disrespectful manner. Consequences of such behavior can include, but are not restricted to, the following:


Noon Detention:

Students in noon detention will be required to eat lunch in the detention area. Students should bring a book or other school work with them to detention.


Community Service:
Students in community service will participate in civic enhancement projects (per student basis) before school, during lunch, and after school.

ISS (In-School Suspension):

Students in ISS will be temporarily removed from regular classes and will be placed in a separate location within the school to do their school work in isolation. Students may receive full credit for work done in ISS if the work is completed and turned in by the completion of the ISS period. Students in ISS may be restricted from participation in or attendance of school-sponsored activities during suspension.


OSS (Out-of-School Suspension):

OSS is the temporary removal of a student from school. A student is ineligible and may not participate in or attend any school activities while on OSS. Students on OSS may not visit the campus or be in any school areas unless invited to attend a conference with school authorities. A student may earn up to 60% credit for assignments.



The removal of a student from school for the remainder of the school year. Any student that is expelled will lose all remaining credits for the year. Students who are expelled may not visit the campus during school hours or be present at any school activities outside the regular school day.




A student will demonstrate integrity by not stealing. A proven thief will be suspended and may be turned over to law enforcement officials. The school assumes no responsibility for personal items lost or stolen at school. Students will demonstrate integrity by respecting other’s privacy and property, including lockers, handbags and desk drawers.




Any club or organization connected with the school must get approval from the Principal and Superintendent at least two (2) weeks prior to engaging in any collecting or raising of money.

Students are prohibited from bringing products on campus for the purpose of selling to other students without the express permission of the principal.



·                     The building will be unlocked from 7:40 am to 4:00 pm

·                     Lab fees need to be paid within the first 3 weeks of each semester so that materials can be ordered.

·                     Students will be allowed to have food and drinks in areas designated by the school. Students are not allowed to have food or drink in any carpeted areas except under special circumstances approved by the principal.

·                     Any drinks brought into the school from local businesses or from home must be consumed in the Commons. If allowed by the teacher, bottled water may be taken into the classroom - no other outside drinks will be permitted in the classrooms.

·                    A student living out of the Cloudcroft School District may attend school in this district at the discretion of the administration. New students who are out of district will be required to have a 3.0 cumulative average or a B average in Math and Language Arts. A formal conference with an Administrator is required. The student must be able to provide their own reliable transportation.



The Cloudcroft High School guidance counselor is available to students and parents in helping with enrollment plans, interpreting test results, college admission requirements, financial aid, college entrance exams, and career-vocational information. The counselor can also assist with the Next Step Plan.


Students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities at Cloudcroft High School. It is recommended that students challenge themselves to the best of their ability to better prepare for the competitiveness in our global society.


It is the goal of Cloudcroft High School for every student to experience success. Students are encouraged to see the counselor to discuss personal concerns, for help in self-expression, for help in decision-making, and to improve their overall self-concept. With open communication, we can assist the student to do his/her best possible work at school and in the community.


A student will demonstrate excellence by obtaining the following credits in order to be a graduate of the Cloudcroft Schools.


Graduating Classes of 2011, 2012 Credits

English (grammar and literature emphasis) 4.0

Math (one unit equal to algebra I or higher) 3.0

Science (two with laboratory component) 3.0
U. S. History & Geography/World History & Geography/Government & Economics 3.0

New Mexico History .5

Physical Education 1.0

Communication Skills or Business Education or language other than English 1.0
Electives 7.5 23


Class of 2013 and beyond Credits

English (grammar, nonfiction writing and literature emphasis) 4.0
*Math (one unit equal to algebra II or higher) 4.0

Science (two with laboratory component) 3.0

U. S. History & Geography/World History & Geography/Government & Economics and
.5 unit New Mexico History 3.5

Physical Education 1.0

Career cluster course, workplace readiness or language other than English 1.0
Electives including student service learning 7.5


Parents may sign a waiver of this state requirement/student will still be required to
have 4 math credits


Graduates of 2012 and beyond must meet threshold for high school exit as required by PED (Public Education Department) to receive a New Mexico Diploma.


A student will demonstrate excellence by following the grading system:

Numerical Score



Points for GPA


College Credit****



Excellent (superior)





Above Average










Below Average









Secondary Only: Weighted grades are used with Advanced Placement and College courses only and earn credit as per the above grid/scale.


A standard 4.0 grading scale will be utilized for determining eligibility issues.



Students demonstrating excellence in academic achievement will be placed on an honor roll:


All A or B Honor Roll

An A/B honor roll will be published at the end of each nine (9) weeks grading period. This is not an average or points system. It will be an all A or B honor roll.


Principal's Honor Roll

A student who achieves a 3.5 GPA the first semester of the freshman year will be placed on the Principal's Honor Roll. The student must maintain a 3.4 GPA to remain on the Principal's Honor Roll. Principal’s Honor Roll is announced at the end of Fall and Spring semesters only.





Students in grades 9 – 12 will progress on the basis of credits earned. In order to maintain normal progress, the following minimum credits are required at the beginning of each grade level.


Grade Credits

9 (Freshman) Promoted from eighth grade

10 (Sophomore) 6

11 (Junior) 12

12 (Senior) 18



The courses described in this book are included in the master schedule on the basis of enrollment requests. Because the master schedule is determined by course requests, be very careful in your course selection and be aware that schedule change requests will be carefully scrutinized. As Cloudcroft High School is a small school, numerous classes appear only once on the schedule. Because of this, it is extremely difficult to make schedule changes once the master schedule is determined.


Students failing a course required for graduation must pass that course through a correspondence course, summer school, or other alternative program. (See the counselor for information on these courses.) In the math discipline, a student may not enroll in the next level course before the prior level has been successfully completed (i.e. must pass Algebra I before enrolling in Geometry or Algebra II)

SCHEDULE CHANGES (Dropping or Adding Classes)

Schedule change requests must be made during the first three (3) weeks of a semester in order to earn credit in the course being added. The student is responsible for making up any work already assigned in the new class and has one (1) week from the time of entering the class to have that work turned in to the instructor. A schedule change requires permission of the instructors, the counselor, parent/guardian, and the principal. Schedule changes will not be made if the requested change would overload a class.


A student desiring to drop a class after the first 3 weeks of the semester should realize that the grade status at the time of dropping the class will be indicated on transcripts. A “WP” indicates “withdrew passing”. A “WF” indicates “withdrew failing”. This indication will not affect overall GPA.


A student desiring to add a class after the first 3 weeks of the semester will not be eligible to earn a credit in the class during that semester.



Advanced Placement courses provide students the opportunity to participate in advanced work set forth by the National College Board. The state of New Mexico currently provides for web-based AP Instruction at no expense to the student or the school. If a student takes an AP course, he/she is encouraged to take the AP examination at the student’s cost. If a satisfactory grade is achieved on the examination, many colleges will grant credit and/or placement.


Honors classes have been established at Cloudcroft High School to enhance some programs where an AP class is not available. Enrollment in an Honors class must be done at the beginning of the semester. These courses will require greater depth of work in the form of projects and other assignments. (Please note that Honors work is designed by and provided by the teacher. Not all teachers offer Honors classes. Should a change in staffing occur due to scheduling issues or staff resignation, an Honors class might be eliminated).


Colleges are looking for able and motivated students. AP and Honors courses listed on your transcript send a message that you are not only able, but have the drive to excel. Colleges look beyond grades and take into account what courses you’ve taken. If you present AP and Honors courses, you’ll have an advantage.


Point scales and/or grades will be awarded by the AP online instructors. Students may look at grades in the online accounts at anytime. The final grade for the semester will come from the AP online instruction.




Cloudcroft High School Has entered into agreements with local colleges as per state stature .
Under this agreement, high school students may take college courses and begin developing their college transcript. CHS will also give credit for these courses as

outlined below. Tuition is paid by the State of New Mexico and textbooks are furnished by CHS (and are the property of CHS). As per state stature, any fees and supplies are the responsibility of the student and courses not required for a degree plan are not included. Textbooks requests require a minimum of 2 weeks to process and the book must be returned to the counselor in order for the credit to be posted to CHS transcript.



Students who have completed their sophomore year (a minimum of 12 credits) and have earned the minimum GPA required by NMSUA may apply for Dual Credit enrollment. This process begins with a meeting with an NMSUA advisor and requires the signature of the high school counselor. A 3 hour course will earn one high school elective credit.




ENMU (Ruidoso and Roswell)

These courses are primarily offered online. See counselor for allowable courses.




Concurrent enrollment is an agreement between the student and the college only.




Cloudcroft High School continues to develop programs with other high schools that will enable us to expand our course offerings for high school credit by offering classes via an ITV system. The availability varies year to year. See the counselor for this information.





Participation in the formal Graduation Exercise is a privilege earned only by those students who have fulfilled all criteria to earn a diploma.


In addition to earning the credits required for graduation, students must pass all portions of the New Mexico High School Competency Exam.


Classes are aligned to meet those requirements set forth by the New Mexico Content Standards and Benchmarks. As established by the State of New Mexico, a student must earn a 60% or better to receive a credit for a course. ½ credit is awarded each semester for successful completion of a course that receives numerical credit unless otherwise noted in the Course Description Book. A comprehensive semester exam is required in each of these courses and accounts for 20% of the grade earned in the course that semester.


Courses receiving a grade of Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) earn ½ credit a year. These courses do not count toward overall GPA but do earn elective credit if the student receives an S grade. These Practical Arts classes will not be considered when determining eligibility.


A total of 23 credits must be earned for graduating classes of 2011and 2012. A total of 24 credits must
be earned for graduating class of 2013 and beyond. Many of these credits are classes required for graduation; others are elective classes a student chooses to take because of an interest in that subject.


Some college, universities, or post-secondary programs may have admission standards exceeding those of the State of New Mexico and Cloudcroft High School. It is the responsibility of the student to research these admission requirements to make certain
appropriate coursework is completed.


(This sequence is provided as a guideline – sequence exceptions may be made on an individual basis should the need arise in order to fit the needs of the student as long as requirements for graduation are met.)


English I

Algebra I


* PE I

New Mexico History (.5)

Communication Skills

** Electives


English II


Physical Science

World History
Career cluster, workplace readiness, or reading

** Electives


English III

Algebra II

Earth Science

Fine Arts or Foreign Language

US History & Geography

** Electives


English IV

US Government & Economics

** Electives


** Elective requirements are specific to grade level.


All students must enroll in 7 classes. Seniors who are in good standing with credits and have an overall GPA of at least 2.5 may apply for Early Release/Late Arrival in order to work or fulfill other obligations. These requests are handled on an individual basis.


Junior/Seniors enrolled as dual credit status may request Early Release/Late Arrival to attend off campus classes.



Students demonstrating excellence in academic leadership and personal conduct may be nominated for the National Honor Society. In order to be eligible for nomination to the National Honor Society a student must be a junior or senior and be enrolled at CHS for at least one semester and must have a 3.0 or higher cumulative grade point average. A panel of teachers makes the final selection from list of those nominated.



Students demonstrate excellence and mastery through their comprehensive semester tests that will be given in all classes. These semester tests will account for one-fifth (20%) of the student's grade each semester. Semester exams are required by Public Education Department policy.




Distinguished Honor Graduates: In addition to meeting all other graduation requirements, a student must meet the following criteria to be recognized as a Distinguished Honor Graduate from Cloudcroft High School:

·         have earned at least three (3) credits in an AP or Honors class

·         have at least one (1) year of a foreign language

·         have an overall weighted G.P.A. of 3.5 or better


The class Valedictorian will be the Distinguished Honor Graduate with the highest weighted G.P.A. in the graduating class. The Salutatorian will be the Distinguished Honor Graduate with the second highest weighted G.P.A.


Honor Graduate: To be recognized as an Honor Graduate from Cloudcroft High School, a student must fulfill all graduation requirements and meet the following criteria:

·         have at least one (1) year of a foreign language

·         have a 3.5 or better weighted G.P.A.



Due to the increasing costs of materials and supplies, some elective courses require that a fee be paid to cover the cost of these materials. The fee indicated with the course description is on a “per year” basis. Students may choose to pay ½ the fee each semester. This fee is non-refundable should a course be dropped after the first three (3) weeks of the semester. Fees should be paid in the high school office at the beginning of the semester.



All lab fees should be paid at the beginning of the semester. Any fees, library fines, payment for lost or damaged books, lunch charges, lost uniform payments, equipment damage, or other monies owed to the school must be cleared before any transcripts will be released. Diplomas will also be held if a graduating student owes any fines or fees.








Preparation: To make ready for a specific purpose.


Respect To show consideration or courtesy towards another.


Integrity: To firmly adhere to a code of values.


Dedication To be devoted to a particular purpose.


Excellence – To be outstanding.