Cloudcroft High School

Let me start by letting you all know what a great beginning of a school year it has been. Our enrollment is at 120 students and I am always amazed at how well our student body embraces a sense of “diversity”; getting along with one another is our strength at Cloudcroft High School!

To that point, we have three foreign exchange students and they seem to be adjusting just fine. Two are from Germany and one from Ghana.

Our “Faculty Family” this year is down to eleven and is doing a tremendous job getting things in place for our students. It has been a whirlwind in regards to getting schedules in place and ensuring that the curriculum is being delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Mrs. Morales is working around the clock to make sure students are being placed appropriately. The great things about being a smaller school, can at times, also make things a bit more difficult. A huge “THANKS” to everyone for doing their part!

Extracurricular activities seem to be ramping up also. Athletics for the Fall are moving right along. Football and Volleyball should have exciting and competitive seasons after having made the move to 1A school. They are supported by our solid squad of cheerleaders…who are always full of “Bear Pride”.

A round of recognition needs to go out to the custodial staff for their efforts in making our campus look fantastic! The work needed to make a school a second home is never done! Again, a big hand to our students for assisting in this effort as well!

Well, I think I’ve covered some points of interest and some areas to be recognized, especially those that have helped us off to a great new school year. So, let’s all join in together to continue to make this year one of the best ever!!