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Weekly Summary - Nov. 5

Updated on December 12, 2012

The following is a list of items that are going on here:

1.        Special Education Coordinator position:  We had 13 people apply for the position. The applicant pool was screened by myself and both building level principals. We are looking at some dates to schedule interviews. If any of you are interested in being a part of the hiring committee please let me know.

2.       Annual Christmas Program: I don’t know if all of you were able to attend the Christmas program, but I was very impressed with our students as well as the number of parents and community members who attended.

3.       Secretary of Education: We are attempting to schedule a conference call with the Secretary of Education, HANNA SKANDERA. The purpose is to get some clarification concerning the A – F grading system. She has already agreed to the call we just need some time to plan our talking points. Mr. Snoddy and Mr. Scott are working on the raw numbers and the excel spreadsheet that PED uses to calculate our grade. Once the conversation actually occurs I will follow up.

4.       Regular School Board Election: December 18, 2012 is the date in which any person interested in running must file at the Otero County Clerk’s Office. Forms are available here in the office.

5.       Next Regular Board Meeting: our next regular meeting is also on December 18, 2012 at 6:00pm at the Weed Community Center.

6.       Sideliners: Their next regular meeting is scheduled for December 11, 2012 at 5:00pm in Coach Ward’s room. Big thanks to this groups for purchasing the T- shirts for the Mountaintop Tournament.

7.       YRRS (Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey): This survey is completed by our students, the current information comes from 2011, and gives us some ideas about student behaviors here in Cloudcroft and compares them to the state of New Mexico. I am currently studying the data and plan on including it in the January regular board meeting.

8.       Transportation: I have quotes out a camera system for one of our route buses. Eventually I would like to see some type of video recording system on all our route and activity buses. Right now I only plan on installing this system on one bus just to see how it works and if it really  meets our needs.

9.       Teacher Observations: Both building level principals are completing the first round of formal observations. These observations are based on 9 teacher competencies. There are 3 major phases of the teacher evaluation system, first they must develop a PDP (Professional Development Plan), second is the first formal evaluation, and finally in the spring a second formal observation. This is the current system, there is considerable talk at both the Public Education Department and in the state legislature, that we will be implementing a new teacher evaluation system as early as next year. No official word on this yet, nor have there been any official training.

10.  Inclement Weather: Kody Adams and I had a meeting to be sure we have a plan in case we need to delay or cancel regular classes. Kody has identified several individuals who live in all directions from Cloudcroft who will notify him of snow or any other possible issue that might impact the school day. The earliest bus leaves by 6:00am so a decision has to be made by then. We have assigned school staff to take care of the Robo caller as well as contact local TV/ Radio stations.

11.  Attached is a copy of the Mountain Top basketball tournament brackets.

12.  Motivational Speaker: Alamogordo Public Schools Superintendent has invited to attend a presentation by Dr. Zach Clements. Dr. Clements was the keynote speaker at the New Mexico School Boards Association’s annual conference. I had to RSVP with Alamogordo and I had 20 staff members agree to attend. The presentation will be on Monday January 7, 2013 at 8:00am.

 If any of you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks. Travis



Weekly Summary - Nov. 2

Updated on November 6, 2012

The following is a list of items that are you should be aware of:

1. School Funding: One of the days that I was in Albuquerque last week I attended the superintendent’s meeting. Being the new guy on the block I have been relatively quiet, however, we had a presentation concerning funding public schools. The following are some facts that are very concerning to me:

a. All year superintendents have been hearing that it is very likely that we will see an increase in school budgets, however, while I do anticipate an increase to public school’s overall I don’t believe Cloudcroft Municipal Schools will see one. The reason being is that all increased are being tied to what the state is calling “At-risk students” and “At-risk schools” which Cloudcroft is not either as defined by the state. You might start hearing about “above the line dollars” and “Below the line dollars”. Above the line money is money that comes from the state, it is distributed to ALL public schools and we at the district/ school level determine how that money will be spent. Below the line money is tied to stipulations set by the state. The information I received at the meeting was that all new money would be below the line dollars which since we don’t qualify as having an at-risk population we would not receive.

b. Education and the politics of New Mexico have become so tangled that we have to educate our local legislators on the impact we see here at a school level. I plan on attempting to arrange a meeting with all local state legislators before the next legislative session in hopes of emphasizing what we are seeing at a local level. I might need some your contacts and influence to help make this meeting occur.

2. New Health Requirement: Next year’s freshman will have an additional requirement of a half credit of health. We currently have to two staff members who hold the qualifications to teach the class so we are covered there, however, I want to get started by working specific topics into other areas of our curriculum. Topics like addiction, alcohol and drug abuse, and making good choices are just a few of the topics that I think all student can benefit from. I am starting to gather resources and will begin working with students to get them thinking about these issues and hopefully help them to make choices that keep them safe. More to follow.

3. New Mexico School Boards Association 2012 Annual Convention: November 29 – December 1, 2012. The first day of the convention is an executive board meeting and planning, so we would leave on Thursday afternoon and attend the convention on Friday and Saturday. What I need from each of you is confirmation as who will be attending so we can get rooms and travel planned.

4. Next board Meeting: Tuesday November 13, 6:00pm: I will be requesting action on the following items:

a. Policy 95: Budget Planning, Preparation and Schedules
b. Policy 96: Flay display
c. Policy 97: Immunization of students
d. Passage of local school board election resolution as well as approval to ask voter to approve SB-9 tax

Feel free to call me if you have any questions. Thanks. Travis