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Welcome to the library! Please check this page often to stay informed of all our events, activities, and fun.

Library News

    Check back for news and updates.

    Library Rules

    Respect the library materials (so we’ll have more to use).
    Everything has a correct place (so we’ll be able to find what we need).
    Always share (return books when they are due and put books on hold when they are not available).
    Don’t disturb others working in the library (enter and quietly go to the designated areas).

    **In addition, all school rules apply in regards to proper behavior.

    Library Procedures


    Each class has a reserved time to visit the library. That does not mean individual students can not visit any other time. Feel free to come by anytime for both educational purposes and personal interests. This policy reflects the character traits we want to foster in students and also the school culture that we value and encourage reading!

    First time visit: Meet with the librarian and introduce yourself. You will receive your very own library card that is kept by the check in/out stations in a tray.

    Returning visits: You are responsible to keep your library card in the right tray for future use. Lost and damaged cards will have to be brought up to the librarians attention. This policy gives students ownership of the library.

    Number of Items

    • Kindergarten grades = 1 book
    • 1st-8th grades = 2 books

    This policy encourages students to develop responsibility by treating books nicely and returning them on time for others to enjoy.

    No Overdue Fines

    There are no fines for overdue books. Students must return overdue items before new items may be checked out. Overdue notices are distributed via email on a weekly basis just as a reminder to homerooms, parents, and students to be responsible for materials they have checked out.

    Lost or Damaged Fines

    A fine will be assessed to the student’s account only if the checked out book is lost or damaged. If the fine is paid and the book is found during the school year then a refund will be issued to the parent/guardian and mailed out to the mailing address on file.

    Other Options for Reading Material

    Students who have overdue books are able to read books in the library but are unable to take them home. Those students may use their classroom library or the Little Free Library located by the librarian’s workstation to find reading material.

    How to Select a Book

    The library strives to teach students to be independent lifelong readers. One of our goals is to get students to love reading. To do this, students must be free to choose their own books in the library. Choice is a huge motivator for readers of all ages. The library is set up for the young reader to choose out of their own reading level. These levels are indicated by colors.

    For middle school students the fiction books are not set up by color but are organized by author’s last name. All books in the middle school side are normally fourth grade reading level and above.

    All non-fiction books are organized by the dewey decimal system along the south side of the library.

    The audio books section is small but growing in our library. Please ask for assistance when checking out/in any audio book material. The librarian has to verify that the items are in sets and in good working order.

    A small section for Spanish books is available for enjoyment. The spine will have “SPA” on the spine to indicate that type of book.

    Spine Color and Reading Level Pink 0.1-1.0, Violet 2.0-2.4, Blue 2.5-2.9, Green 3.0-3.4, Yellow 3.5-3.9, Orange 4.0-4.9, Red 5.0-above

    Library Catalog

    The Follett Destiny system is used to catalog and circulate all materials in the library. Any computer in the library has a quick app to get you to the Follett Destiny website.

    Contact the Library

    Mrs. Paula Paulik
    Interventionist and Librarian
    (575) 601.4416  ext. 303

    Cloudcroft Elem/Mid School Library
    P.O. Box 198
    800 James Canyon Hwy
    Cloudcroft, NM  88317