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Welcome, parents! Here you will find important information about the services we provide at our schools. We aim to help you stay connected to your child’s educational experience at Cloudcroft schools.

If you would like to speak with your child’s teacher(s), please call the appropriate school office to make an appointment.

K–8 Staff Shout Out Certificates

We have found that praise and kindness have worked wonders to encourage students to go the extra mile. And guess what? It works with teachers and staff too! I would like your help catching staff doing good things throughout the school. If you know of a staff member going to the extra effort, please complete the following form. A certificate will be sent to the teacher/staff recognizing their effort. Here are the links for each school:

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PowerSchool Parent Portal

If you have any questions please email Lenora Barr.

Parent Volunteers

We always welcome active, caring volunteers!

If you are interested in becoming a parent volunteer, please email or call LeOrla in the elementary/middle school office for the volunteer and background check forms.