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Cloudcroft Elementary/Middle School

Welcome to Cloudcroft’s Elementary and Middle Schools!

Our teachers’ mission, vision, and goal for the school explain a lot about our culture at the elementary/middle school.


By providing a safe learning environment, our students will become unique and productive members of society.


Number one in state in overall test scores for three years. The most noted, admired school district in state for cultural, environmental and academic reasons.


Teachers and students have embraced their roles in creating student leaders at Cloudcroft. Students work through the day with Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in mind:

Bear Leaders: 

1. Bear in mind to be proactive
2. Bear in mind to begin with the end in mind
3. Bear in mind to put first things first
4. Bear in mind to think win-win
5. Bear in mind to first understand and then be understood
6. Bear in mind to synergize
7. Bear in mind to sharpen the saw

The staff and I feel blessed to work in a community that has high expectations for our students and ourselves. This expectation sets Cloudcroft apart from other schools. At our school, it is “cool” to do good things and be a kid. Students and parents take pride in student academic achievements. As students get into middle school and high school, this success shows in their ability to compete statewide against much larger districts and be winners.

We enjoy having visitors and hope you are able to take some time so we can share with you the amazing “family” our students are a part of at Cloudcroft Elementary and Middle School.

Portrait of Robyn CookSincerely,

Robyn Cook

Robyn Cook
K–8 Principal
Elementary and Middle School

Be a Parent Volunteer!

Please consider becoming a parent volunteer in one of our schools. Our teachers appreciate every helping hand! We always welcome active, caring volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a parent volunteer, please email or call LeOrla in the elementary/middle school office for the volunteer and background check forms.